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    Hey All...
    Just found my Login name lol..
    I'm just getting into the PSP modding...

    I got a psp from a friend who owed some money.. checked it,
    had a not so friendly M.board , went to a used game store down
    the street seeked a peak at one of there used ones and saw
    what I wanted... only bummer is 2.81 fw ... so I've surfed the web..
    and now i got a downgrader... only catch is need a copy of GTA: LCS 2.0
    check my area bout 50 miles out... no store had what i was looking for.
    You should have seen their faces when I asked what Ver it was...

    Any who I'm ordering one from the UK... 2.0 unpatched!
    I've hacked my Moto V3 so I figured the PSP shouldn't be to hard..
    see ya around!
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    It's not so bad. I hack my Samsung A900M with QPST. Only difference with the PSP is you kinda have to know some code if you want to do any real hacking. Doesn't matter too much, the scene has tons of good devs and homebrew is alive and kicking on the PSP right now.
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    welcome man.
    hope you enjoy the life of a psp
    ░▒▓Dark_Alex▓▒░ is a PSP hacking GOD.

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    Welcome to the forums......"Blind" is an awesome song off that album

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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