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  1. #1 Hey im Aaron from spokane washington 
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    Hi my name is Aaron farrell... im a 14 years old and i livin in washington.
    iv been into computers for about 2 1/2 years now.. and im addicting to spending all day on the internet haha... then im a athletic guy how skates and hangs out alot. my friends always come to me when they need help with their computers or questions about modding and hacking. so far iv learned how to mod halo pc. i got pretty good at that. then i hacked my ipod nano to run linux and got it to play videos... im not sure if that is wat u call hacking... but whatever. i goto my psp for christmas because i found out how many cool things you can do with them. im a experienced forumer and already know whats wrong and right... iv made about 3 of my first tutorials on psp hacks.. that are okey but dont matter because you elite hackers out their now how to lay im down flowlessly, and i just downgraded my psp from 2.71 to 1.50, just now and my adreneline is really boosted because i knew their was a chance of bricking and that wat of devastated me truely... cant afford such pricey things. and im looking forward to meeting this community and havin fun
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    Welcome To The Forums
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    Hi, Welcome..
    you speaks more then your age. :P
    We are Going to HeLL by a Road Called Life !
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    Welcome to

    happy modding
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    already downgraded to 1.5 by yourself? very impressive. from my very limited experience i'd say your next course of action should be to downgrade from 1.5 to 1.0 and then upgrade back to 1.5... this should clear off your flash memory of any residual traces of 2.71. the downgrader and upgraders are both in this download

    Then from 1.5, you need to upgrade to 3.03oe-c... this is a custom firmware that lets you run all homebrew, playstation 1 emulator, and so much more. find it here
    For the install, you'll need the 1.50 eboot, and 3.03 eboot, found here (1.50)
    and here (3.03)

    Good luck, hope that gives you a little leg up Remember follow the directions to the T!
    I don't mind straight people so long as they act gay in public...
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    welcome to pspmod.
    ░▒▓Dark_Alex▓▒░ is a PSP hacking GOD.

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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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