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    Well this is a nice forum you guys got goin here. Im pretty much to to the game and all. And I was wondering if someone can help me im using the max media manager pro and its okay. Well im trying to basically download more videos and whatnot to my psp and i got the 4gmb memory card coming through soon. I would like to download more games on the fly can someone help me download the games for free or atleast put me in the right direction to put some porn on there to amaze my friends at work. Hey im bored we dont do much there but stand around while our trucks get unloaded.
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    if your looking to get tips on how to download psp games from the net, your looking in the wrong place.
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    we don't give links to downloadable games as it is frowned upon here....anywho, Welcome to the forums

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    Yeah, "negative ghost rider, the pattern is full", on the games thing, but there is plenty of info on how to rip the UMD's that you own, and as for videos (such as porn) on your PSP, there are many good converters, such as "PSP Video 9." You need MP4 format just like the iPOD, zune, etc.
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    ay wassup welcome
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    welcome to pspmod.
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