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    HAH! Ok, so I wanted to hang out, search, read what was up and then do/learn what I wanted. THEN I was going to post. So it's been fun. I've got the PSP to do all I wanted it to, now I'm looking into doing my own homebrew in the future.

    I work in IT Networking Technologies, and used to work in hosting support. So I've got some knowledge to pass on. I'll start to post now on the forums since i've got a good clue on what to do here. That's about it.

    PSP 2.00 > 1.00 > 1.50 > 3.02OE-A > 3.02OE-A' > 3.02OE-B > 3.03OE-C > 1.50 > 3.03OE-C
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    right on. welcome to the forums.
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    a new mwmber is always welcome

    My great firmware journey

    2.5-2.71-1.5-3.02oe a-1.5-3.03oe c-3.10oe a-1.5-3.03oe c

    he shouldn't of ate my cookies
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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