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    hi every 1 im keith and this is all new to me so will require alot of help learning though got firm 2.80 i belive
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    welcome to the forums, make sure you read the stickies, and here is a good way to start, less questions you have the better, because EVERYTHING (almost) can be answered with this


    with a 2.80, make sure you DONT have a ta-802

    if you DONT, do this...

    2.80 Easy Downgrader (DOES NOT WORK ON TA082 PSPS!)

    As mentioned above, this app is in its very early and unstable stage. The results are as unpredictable as Sony's marketing schemes, so again, it's best that you read, reread, and reread the readme file some more that comes along with the download. Right now, the main concerns are: THE PSP MUST NOT HAVE A TA-082 BOARD and the owner must use the recently released xloader instead of the earlier eLoader. Cause if not, you would end up having one useless piece of gaming device. The full instructions are:

    Download Link:

    1) Format memstick with a 2.8 NON TA-082 PSP.
    2) Connect PSP via USB and run easy installer.
    3) Select PSP drive in the easy installer and let it install the files.
    4) Turn off your PSP.
    5) Turn on your PSP and goto PHOTO -> Memory stick -> xLoader 280
    6) You should see two icons in the xLoader 280 folder. If xLoader loads correctly then nothing should happen. If it fails then MS will blink and then PSP will crash.
    7) Once xLoader is run successfully, goto GAME -> MEMORY STICK and run the downgrader.
    8) You should see the DG menu.
    9) Pray to God and cross your fingers.
    10) Hit O to start DG.
    11) Wait for it to say "Finished. PowerOff to exit"
    12) Hold Power switch up until psp is completely off.
    13) Pray again.
    14) Turn on PSP, you should now get a Blue Screen Of Death so press O to reset settings.

    (Thanks to Julie)

    if you DO have a TA-802,

    now what you want to do it upgrade to 3.03, then buy an UNPATCHED version of GTA

    Follow this guide
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