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    I've been looking around the forum for a few days and have learned a great deal.
    Because of users' inputs I was directed towards a good memory stick deal and decided to purchase a Playgear case.
    I've researched the procedure to change the firmware; downloading the necessary files and bookmarking the tutorials. Once my GTA:LCS gets delivered I'll preform the procedures.
    The forum has been a great resource for me and after I get some experience I will contribute back.

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    wow, at least you read before asking noob question, im pruod! welcome to the forums, hope that you learn as much as you should with custom firmware and beyond!
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    Just finished upgrading from 2.81 to 3.03oe-c. It was a piece of cake using the 'easy installers'. I've had this PSP for a week now and really love it. I'll be buying another for my son so we can do some wi-fi gaming.

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