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    Hello there... I'm Kim. The reason why i joined this community is because I'm planning to buy a PSP by the end of this month. I've been doing some research and I've been reading a lot of reviews about this revolutionary product and i made up my mind and decided to get one.

    While I was reading reviews, the words "Downgrading, Homebrew and Custom Firmware" are always mentioned and it intrigued my fragile little mind. Then I found this site(thank god) I was really blown away by the things or the applications that the PSP can handle with a little tweaking though.

    I have some Questions before purchasing a PSP. Can someone help me please....

    1. I found out that version 1.5 is still available here in our country, here in the Philippines. My question is if i were to buy a PSP v1.5 FW, should I go for the TA-082 or the TA-081 or what? Tell me if I dont make sense or There's no such thing as a V1.5 having a TA-081 motherboard? Help!

    2. If ever I bought the v 1.5 what do I do next? Do I need to download something before I upgrade to the 3.03 custom Firmware or upgrade it to 3.03 right away...? Help!

    I really want to maximize my PSP like having all the emulators and really maximizing the media capabilities to the fullest. Please help me. Thanks in Advance.
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    1. look on ebay people still sell 1.50 on there, or if you want to get it locally find one with <2.71 or 2.80 they can all be downgraded. Definently go for the ta-081.

    2. you would upgrade to dark alex's custom firmware 3.03 oe-c or 3.10 oe-a
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