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  1. #1 I have arrived.......But as always, too late! 
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    Hello everyone, I am a 28 year old gamer from the old school. I have been mashing buttons and breaking joysticks ever since I got my first Atari 2800 many moons ago. I have seen gaming fads come and go (Virtual Boy I'm talking to you), and have had my mind blown a few times as well (NES, Playstation, PSP). I just updated my PSP to 2.0 when less that 24 later I heard about you guys and all the wonderful things my PSP could do. I checked my Firmware and asked myself why I should stay with 1.50 when a bigger better 2.0 update just came out. It had a web browser, wall paper feature, and a handfull of other things that could only make it better, RIGHT? Alas I found out about Emulators and Homebrews after I updated. I managed to install them on a few friends PSP's that have not been updated and now just admire what could have been. Well I guess I'll just wait till they hack 2.0. Thats my story but now I will have the scoop on all things PSP since I was referred to this site. I ran into IONz by chance and he opened my eyes to some of wonderful things that are possible. Well I will see you guys around the forum. I'M OUT!!!!!

    By the way I just orderd a 1GB Sandisk memory card from for about $80. I know the 2GB are coming out soon, but do you see how much the want for that sucker! Just a little tidbit to add to the infinite well of knowledge.
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    hey and welcome
    nice to see some oldschool gamers!
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    Nice to see you finally made it man Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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  4. #4 How to download stream video (youtube) to PSP for free 
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    Many friends ask me how to download videos from YouTube, Myspace, Google Video or other video website to PSP. Videos come from those websites are streaming videos. You need special software to capture steaming videos. Today I take YouTube video for example, write a guide about how to download streaming video to PSP for free, provide two methods:
    1. with free online flv converter;
    2. with firfox
    My guide is also fit for other stream video websites as follow video list;
    Free download video list

    If you want to convert YouTube video on Mac OS X or MacBook Air, you may try Aimersoft Mac Video Converter which you can download from here for free Aimersoft Mac Video Converter – Mac AVI Converter, convert video for Mac OS X Leopard

    1. With free online flv converter
    Step1. Open this website: [url=] [url] .It's a free online FLV converter.

    Step2. Then go to YouTube YouTube and find a video that you loved. Copy the URL that in the Red box. Like this format: YouTube - Kiwi!

    Step3. Paste your video file URL to the input box (figure as follow), choose the right format you want. If you want to edit the video, AVI is a good choice. And MP4 is fit for iPod, PSP, Zune, Apple TV and other MP4 players. This online converter also can rip audio to MP3. Then wait for the conversion.

    Step4. When the conversion finished, we got the download link of the output video. Click the download link to download the video and save in your computer, remember where you save it in. Done.

    you also can try this online converter, KeepVid , very easy to use, just the same as above, copy the URL to the address box, done.

    2. With Firefox
    If you have Firefox browser, you can follow these steps.
    Step1. Install the videodownloader extension. This is a plug-in for Firefox. It enables you capture streaming video from website. Here is the free download link:

    Step2. After installing videodownloader, restart Firefox. In the bottom right, you'll see a little box. Go to the video you want to download, double click that little box, and select download link. Then you could download the streaming video you want. (Note, you have to rename the file extension from “html” to “flv”)

    You have to rename the file extension from “html” to “flv” when you save the link. (Make sure your compute is show file extension)

    Part 2: Convert and copy files to PSP
    Step 1: You need a PSP Video 9, PSP Video 9 is a free and powerful video converter for PSP, you may download from here. PSP Video 9
    For more FAQ about this software, you can refer this forum:
    PSP Video 9 Forums

    Step 2: After installing PSP Video9, run it. Click "Convert" on the menu to go to the Convert section. Next, click the "One-Click Transcode" button and select the file you want to convert. If there are no files in your queue, conversion will begin immediately, otherwise the video will be stored in your queue.

    Step 3: Once the conversion is complete, click on the Copy button to go to the Copy page. On the left hand side of the copy page, you can see all the PSP video files on your PC. Select the video you just converted and click the "Copy Video to PSP" button. Now, provided you had enough free space for the file, the file should appear on the right hand side of the page meaning the file is now on your PSP.

    Done, if you have problem about this guide, please post your question here, I will reply to you ASAP
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    I found a guide about how to download limewire free video to psp, hope it helps.
    step by step guide download limewire free music and video to iPod iPhone PSP Zune
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    i so got to try that out
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    Great advice! and I use Firefox so...

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    For multiple YouTube Videos, maybe "TubeME"

    PC World - PC World Downloads - TubeMe
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    But if i want to watch youtube on psp, can you help me how it works?
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