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    Hi everyone and I'm glad to join your community.

    A little history for me is that I have been into electronics repair and modding for about 10 years, going way back to the introduction of the PS1. The way I got into it was my then bonehead business partner said he would be able to mod my son's PS1, so OK no problem I give it to him. Well enough said you guessed it, he screwed it up and gave it back to me in pieces,(great huh).
    So anyway it sat on a shelf for like 6 months and my poor son(then like 6 years old) has no system to play. So feeling bad for him and pissed off at my Ex-partner i decided to have look at it, well as the story goes i got it running and then also modded, with no hiccups. So I started doing systems up for my friends and family, and well, anyone else who wanted it done. Of course those mods were easy, like 6 or 7 wires, and solder points the size of a Gerbal turd, LOL. Well all that changed when the PS2 came out with like 4 times the wire count and much smaller connection points, however with lots of practise and yes a few toasted boards I continued on in my modding efforts, and at this point have probably done about 200+ PS2 mods. Basically from there I have tried to stay on top of whatever console came out, Xbox mods-yes over 100, both hard and soft, 360 mods-yes, hard and soft, maybe 30 or so, and even a few Gamecube's here and there. Waiting to do a PS3.

    I have just recently joined the PSP ranks. My son has had one for a while and I kept telling him that one of these days I would look into modding it for him. Well the other day I ventured onto this site and started reading, and reading, and reading, lol you get the point. so anyway I was happy to see my son had a TA-79 version and was even happier when I found out the firmware was at 2.71(lucky beacause he said later that he was going to upgrade it the other day and didn't get it done because he had a problem picking up the router on the wireless), whew that was close. So anyway as i said after much reading and a few shots of JD, i thought I'd give it a try. Well I'm happy to report all went well with the d/g and he is now running V 3.03 OE-C. So after messing with his unit for a while, I thought, this is great, I would love to have one of these things for myself now. So I went into the basement and looked through my PSP parts box, as i had a bunch of stuff from some repairs that I had done and units that weren't repairable that I had bought for parts, and proceeded to look through them to see if i could get enough pieces together to make one for myself. After alot of sorting I found the only motherboard i had that might actually work, was yes, you guessed it, a dreaded TA-82. However with nothing to lose I went ahead anyway and put it all together. Initially after getting it together the first time i turned it on, had power, but no picture, but wait after looking a little closer i noticed it was actually on just no backlight, cool well lets try another screen, hmmm, still no go. OK well must be a board problem(probably why i got it in the first place), so yes i found a fuse on the board was poofed and replaced it, and wallah, there was lite. So great we got it working now to check the f/w, even happier it was 2.71. OK more reading, lol. Well again I am happy to announce it is also running v3.03 OE-C, and well to say the least i don't think i have put it down for, well at least not as long as it took me to write this post, lol. I love it, and am sure it is going to be with me alot from now on.

    So that's it for the short intro, I hope I can contribute some technical help if possible, thats really my speciality, and thanks for all your great posts and tutorials that made this adventure really easy to follow. Love the site, and great job to all the moderators and senoir members here.

    Thanks again, Hmania39
    Just my 2 cents, but then again I live in Canada, so it's really not worth anything.
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    welcome to the forums.
    ░▒▓Dark_Alex▓▒░ is a PSP hacking GOD.

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    whats up man welcome to the forums! one of the longest introduce yourself threads ive ever seen! lol
    anyway, my PM box is always open if you need help!
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    too long to read, but Welcome anyway
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