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    hey everyone!!! whats good. I'm new to the whole psp seen i have 2 right now one is running 3.11 and is only for dvd useaged and sometimes online. its wonderful anyway i have another recently bricked while ****ing with downgrades and homebrew apps i'm replacing the board with a board that already has 1.5 running on it. hoo- ray but i'm a circuit modding freak and i was wondering if anyone had anyideas as to hardware modds to do or that they need help with. i'm currently stocking up on other useful peices(extras) to help in my fun. i'm currently lookin for a diagram for the actual layout of the psp board aka what chips do what to try and aid the on going ( save my bricked psp) now i know i'm new to this but from what i've seen psp's file system is pretty simple just delicate as are the hardware aspects of it. takeing one apart and putting it back together is not too difficult but i'm trying to expand my knowledge of the system. so please help any knowledge you can throw my way will be helpful. i'm also looking for just cool modding ideas like maybe a bigger screen or messing with the memory slot to make it read something better or simply adding a usb 2.0 port onboard writing software to read external devies and bam psp with external well heres to portable gamings future.
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    Just check the Hardware zone, and see how you can really mod your psp with leds and changing faceplates, paintspraying, changing UMD door, just don't forget to read the rules!

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    welcome to the forums.
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