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    Hey all,

    The handle is parasite, the name is Ian.

    I'm not planning on making too many posts here mainly because I haven't learned enough to help anyone, really, and don't want to post somthing redundant. Moreover, I'm just posting here to at least say I'm active and not just a lurker.

    So, basically I'm just introducing myself as a way of saying I do exist, and again, you won't likely see me asking too many questions or posting much, I'm here more to learn than anything, and reading existing threads will help you more in the long run than just making a new one with a question that's been asked numerous times prior. (Just what I think, maybe advice to any newbies who read this)

    That's all, and I'm glad to be part of the PSPmod community!

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    i am glad you are willing to learn. there is a lot to learn. but please do feel free to post and ask. but as long as you try not to be redundant.. you wont becuase the people who are redundant... dont even try. but anyways good luck.
    "Pleasure spiked with pain"

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