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    Hey and Hello to everyone.

    Just picked up a used PSP (my first, yes psp virgin!)
    I was really pleased to find out that it was the 6001 board with 2.60 firmware so I can mod the heck out of it.

    Still has a year on the extended warrenty so bonus there.
    Zero dead pixels and only light surface scratchs on face (already ordered some protectors so it won't get worse.)

    Mostly going to be used while traveling to pass the time by.
    Music, games and some movies.
    Ordered a 4GB stick based on some posts here.

    So I'm sure you'll see a bunch of questions from me for a while but I will read the stickeys and do searches first so hopefully they won't be too noobtastic.

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    shaloom my friend
    Quote Originally Posted by demondude777
    Please cheeks stay closed
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    Looks like you allready got it down. Maybe hes one of the few smart noobs.
    "Owned" (often typed in leet speak among gamers) is an internet slang word used commonly in gaming circles to acknowledge a form of superiority through the downfall of another entity, be it another gaming clan, or a single user.

    If your not first, your last- Talladega Nights
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    Read READ and READ! before you do anything, the best advice you can get bro

    and have fun with it!
    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Welcome from a fellow PSP noob. I just got mine modded and I can tell you the difference is like night and day. Those poor souls that aren't clued into modding. They don't know what their missin. Welcome again!!!
    Compliments of Major Zero

    "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

    2.60-2.82-3.03-1.50-3.10 OE-A-3.52 M33-4

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    Thanks for all the hearty welcomes!

    Another bonus just found out a guy at work as a copy of the GTA:LCS that he doesn't want and is giving it to me so... BONUS! Don't need to buy that and after some more research I should be ready. Can't wait to get a NES emulator going and some of the other programs that I have found and want to try out.

    Just gotta say that the more I delve into this site the more I appreaciate the well written 'how-tos' and such.
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