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    I dont know when to quit, even though almost every member here hates me, I have decide to continue making an idiot of myself which shows I have the intellegence level of an ant, and the maturity level of 3 year old. Maybe if I were to stop it at this very moment, I could walk away with a small amout of other peoples repect, but no I have made these forums awsome moderators IONz, jsh and Shalted consider using a validation system to allow people access to these forums.By doing that I ruined the site for future members although it may also help keep out idiots like myself.


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    While this is not a newgroup, you guys get the point.

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    EDIT: strike that. it is him.

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    Does anyone know if Sony in their infinite wisdom plans on fixing the damn browser used by the PSP? The I-Phone web browser would be a vast improvement, hell...anything would be a vast improvement IMHO.

    Also...Does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate some type of IM program such as GAIM into the PSP?

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