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    Hey guys,

    When my son got his PSP a couple of years ago I became a member of this forum (or at least I think it was this one) but I have since lost my member name and password..... but no matter, I'm back and I'm a little behind the times when it comes homebrew and customising the PSP.

    When he got his PSP, I followed all instructions regarding upgrading (or rather not upgrading) so that he could make ISO's and use them from a loader..... at that point in time it would only work on a V1.6, as I remember, and the hackers were still trying to sort it out to work on V2.0 etc.. etc.

    All I want is to be pointed in the right direction to get new games (recently acquired by him) to work. I do realise that if I spent a bit of time reading the forums I would be able to work it out for myself, but my son is going to live with his granny in spain next week and I would like to get it all sorted for him before he leaves.

    Well thanks for listening to an old fuddy. I'll check in later.


    C W
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    Welcome back to the forums. If he still has a version 1.5 (the old homebrew standard) then you can simply update to a custom firmware such as 3.03 OE-C and move the homebrew to the GAME150 folder and the ISO's to the ISO folder. Custom firmware allows the new games to be played and the new features while still allowing homebrew. There is an easy installer and a guide on this site written by the member PSP. Good luck to you.
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    Cheers m8, been reading through the forums a bit and apart from what you told me, it looks like "they" haven't managed to get homebrew working on anything above a V2.0. Sony must have made it V. hard to crack.

    Well thanks again, C W
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    welcome back.
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