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    Wassup all.. I'm totally new at the whole psp mods..

    I current own a modding psp that I got from a local newpaper.. (craiglist)

    its modded with:

    vs 1.5 custom
    Firmware 3.10 oe-a

    it have GTA on it.. with a 2g memory stick..


    I have download a few games, like NFS: Carbon, TMNT, BurnOut.. but when I go to replace the GTA game and add one of the games above.. it doesn't work..


    I put it in the "ISO" folder that I see.. what i'm I doing wrong..

    Please help..

    Oh and when I got to replace it wth original game (gta) it doesn't work any more.. ????

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    we do not discuss piracy here... you downloded a game, you said so yourself... you want help... look elsewhere...

    Lock please

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    Not a great way to start out on a forum. Just cause we modify and customize our PSP's, does not mean that we condone piracy.
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