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    Hello everyone, my gamer names Besrah,

    I just moved to Japan, which is a wonderful and interesting place, but figured i probably couldnt survive without some sort of electronic entertaining so i recently bought a PSP. I figured it would be cheaper than buying a laptop or desktop PC.. yay for money saver.

    Unfortunately my PSP is one of the most upto date and has Firmware 3.11 and is a TA-082 Motherboard.. /sadpanda. What makes it even slightly funnier is that half the games ive bought 50% are in english 50% Japanese (which im not 100% fluent at yet hehe), guess its a good excuse to learn.

    I'll admit im a Noob when it comes to PSPs, computers are generally my thing. Now im very interested in hacking my PSP, however naturally i dont want to brick the thing so ive been reading up on the forums. My main aim is to just play movies and or afew PS1 games (makes you wonder why i didnt buy a playstation then.. but i never said i was overly intelligent).

    Noob question time:

    A) From what ive been reading you cant downgrade from Firmware 3.11 just yet and that the TA-082 motherboard makes it slightly more difficult to do successfully. (am i right so far?)

    B) Now ive heard some people say (maybe not in these forums) but PSPs can play games from any country/region... (or is that only after they have been Hacked, and does the same thing applies for UMD movies)????

    Any tips/advice would be great. Now im sure someone has posted something on this afew thousand times. Ive just read so much on it atm that im slightly brain dead atm.

    but anyway hi, and thx for any future advice
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    welcome, and yes in both questions you are correct sir, 3.03 or lower can be dongraded... ta 802 mobos are ok now, just sometimes they are a pain because they have some different things about them, like if you turn your psp off at 10 % it stays offf and such..

    in custom firmware, you can enable no region so you can play games from different countries
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    Welcome to the forums. Keep checking back for a downgrader for the higher firmwares.
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    Welcome to the forums....where are you in Japan??? I'm down in Okinawa and have about 2 weeks left here. How do you like it so far??? Where are you from originally??? Well have fun with your new toy!!!
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    Welcome. I have allways wanted to visit Japan.
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    Welcome to the forums. PSP games are not region locked, but UMD movies are. Therefore you should be able to play games from all over the world, but your movies have to match your region code unless you have custom firmware (which you can not currently do with a 3.10 or above psp).
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    welcome here bro.too bad you have that version so all you can do now is hope and wait for the downgrade of your version for you to modify your psp.....good luck...
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    You can play any UMD from any region on your psp, does not matter if you have a JAPANESE psp you can play US / European / japanese UMDs without a problem.

    Remember that all "Handles" are free region

    But the UMD Movies have to match your PSP region. So your screwed there.

    Good luck ^^ and welcome man!
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    yeah i figured i was screwed for the moment hehe,

    as for where exactly i am? im in Kanazawa, so Ishikawa prefecture (near where the earthquake hit, that was entertaining.. i was too lazy to get out of bed for it).

    Originally im from Australia, had the opportunity to come over and teach conversational English, so i took it. If you like talking to people its really easy, i dont really view it as a job hehe.

    and thanks for the advice all. i guess i will just wait, hope and see what happens in the future (hopefully not too distant future)
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