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    I've been posting a few posts on here already and I guess I should introduce myself here as well.
    I've known about PSP since the day they came out but have never really paid any attention till last week. Originally I got a used one from a trading place and also ran across PSPMOD and started reading about firmwares and modifications. I then realized that the one I got was 3.30 so I returned it back and got a brand new one which was a 2.6 with TA-82. So with helps from justinisloco, apathy96, stef036 along with other people, I've managed to upgrade it from 2.6 to 2.71 then to 1.5 then finally to 3.03 OEC. Now not only I could play regular UMD games but also I could play, ISO, N64 and PSX games on my PSP. If I knew PSP could do all of these things then I would of gotten one a long time ago.
    There are still a lot of interesting things that I could learn from this forum and I DO use the search function, too. LOL. Take care.

    2.6->1.5->3.03 OE-C->3.10 OE-A->3.40 OE-A->3.50M33->4.01 M33-2(as of 12-20-08)
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    Yay for search button users! Welcome to the forum.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

    Drizzle's so cool he sh*ts icecubes.
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    welcome to the forums and congratulations on getting your new 3.03oe-c

    My great firmware journey

    2.5-2.71-1.5-3.02oe a-1.5-3.03oe c-3.10oe a-1.5-3.03oe c

    he shouldn't of ate my cookies
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    hahahah.good for you.congrats on the upgrade and im happy that you used the search button coz its really usefull.....
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    haha, congrats again brother. And welcome to the forums, glad to see a new guy that knows how to use the search button and check stickies. Enjoy your psp and ill see you in the threads man...
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