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    hey guys, Just registered in this forum, so I thought I might introduce myself
    I own a PSP since.... probably 2 years ago =P
    can't remember exactly, but it was in December or January
    I suppose the version was 1.50 at that time, but I was a noob, and Don't know about homebrew and stuff, now that I know, my PSP is already in it's 2.71

    well I have been planning to downgrade for soemtimes, but I am alaways afraid of bricking my PSP, so I decided not to, well not for now =P
    maybe when my Disc Drive is broken, then it's time for me to Downgrade lol

    well as for myself, I'm 15 years old, and I came from Indonesia

    so that's it, I think I know quite a lot, even though I haven't been able to be brave enough to downgrade my PSP, but I think I could help people out

    and Sorru for my badn English btw

    see you around

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    welcome to the forum bro.about your psp go ahead i suggest you get a custom fw either 330oea if youre into psx games but if youre more of a modding guy then get your psp to 303oec so you can modify your xmb and etc...just use the search button or read stickys for guide.good luck....
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    Don't be afraid of brinking bro, if you do all the steps carfully and correctly, you have nothing to worry about. The 2.71 downgrader is a breeze man. Let us know how it goes...
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