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    hello, my name is james, and this was my first site that I ever came to for psp info a few months ago. even now, although I haven't posted much, I stay subscribed to the ultimaye downgrader thread lol. now I'm head moderator at another psp site mentioned in my sig, and I'd just to thank everyone here for getting me started
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    So I checked out your site, that you are not supposed to be advertising here. If you actually would have read the terms of use and site rules you would have known that.

    Speaking of terms of use, I read yours. Here is my favorite exert from you ISO section where you have a vast number of downloads available.

    and I quote

    "Terms of use:
    By downloading one (or more) of these isos you agree that you already own the full game and this copy will only be retained as a backup. "

    The flaws of this are obvious. I am not saying I have not made use of pirated goods. However, your site wont last long as soon as one of the companies who own the rights to the games you are providing to everyone gets wind of this, I am sure a friendly e-mail will follow. Anyone who has custom FW has a PSP and a computer. Meaning they are capable of ripping their own UMDs.
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    Welcome to the forum. You are allowed to post a link to another forum or site in your signature, but no links to sites with ISOs/ROMs/Pirated material/Adult content are allow. Sorry but I have to remove the link from you sig until your site removes its library of pirated software.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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