Thread: "How To Ask Questions" Thread Was Funny, But I Have A Q About Running 3.40 OE-A

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  1. #1 "How To Ask Questions" Thread Was Funny, But I Have A Q About Running 3.40 OE-A 
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    I hope I follow the procedure of the thread about "how to ask questions"...well here it goes: I kno about the whole having at least 2.71 (I think) to downgrade to 1.50 to run homebrew...but now that they have come out with a 3.40 OE-A homebrew FW, can you use a lower non-homebrew running FW (for example 3.30) and "upgrade" it to run the 3.40?
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    No, you can only install 3.40 oe-a from 1.50 or from another version of custom firmware.
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