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    Well I finally registered, after about 3 weeks of combing the forums and educating myself on the PSP modding scene, I finally felt able to join. I waited to join to keep myself from asking stupid questions. I know how frustrating it is answering noob questions that are covered in the main page FAQ. So I've been using my friend the search button.
    As you can tell from my avatar and sig (both created by me) I love halo 2. And to tell the truth I am a xbox loyalist... But seeing how they don't have a portable, (and they did it would probably be ungodly heavy like everything they make) I decided to look into getting a PSP. My main reason for buying a PSP is to run emulators. No matter how good games are today you just can't touch the Old Classics, Super Mario, Super Mario World, Zelda games, and alot more. I own and upkeep a modded v1.6 xbox and a Xbox 360 Premium. I understand the ideas of modding and the work that goes into it. I hope to be a 1.5/3.4 OE-A PSP owner very soon. It's great to be here... Ice (Too much for my first post? lol)

    All Hail the Search Button, it Shall Reveal All.

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    Welcome to the forum. And no, its not too much for your first post Hopefully you can get a psp and get it modded soon, I mainly use my psp for emulators. I rarely play and actual psp games.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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