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    And I've not been banned or scorned into leaving yet so I guess I'm doing ok. I'm an embedded systems developer for the US DoD (contractor, not DoD employee) and I started to get interested in this because, frankly, I was convinced that Sony had pretty well crashed on the PSP. I suppose in a way I was right about Sony's support of the PSP failing but I got to thinking about how the PSP is configured and knowing that there were homebrew efforts going on I thought I'd give it a shot. I was actually hoping I could get involved in doing some development (as an embedded systems developer I was hoping to get involved in firmware development).

    My PSP was purchased at launch but I'd upgraded it for MGS: Portable Ops and then again after the PS3 was released so I wasn't sure if I could downgrade it. There's loads more going on here than there ever was on Sony's side and though I'm happy with the hardware Sony's provided I'm amazed at the fact that they created a platform full of open I/O formats and honestly believe they can close it up.

    Anyway I'm going on about the PSP and not giving much insight on myself but I suppose this is my formal "Hello, I think I'll stay awhile."

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    sweet, a bit late welcome but seeing you know more computery/electronic stuff than the average person, you should look into becoming a dev of some sort after you get familiar with the ins and outs of the psp
    is it just me, or do newbies ALWAYS have the worst fucking grammar and spelling known to man?!
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    Nice. Yea lol looks like another "Dark-Alex" LMAO j/k. Well to give u the info any version from 3.10 or higher cant be downgraded. Once you try and get familar with the programs here. You should try and crack those firmwares that way other "idiots" that upgraded can downgrade thier psp's 3.10 or higher. "One step for Dev, one giant leap for PSPMOD." lol

    Welcome to PSPMOD!
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    wow hope to see more of you here.welcome bro.maybe a new DAX is born here in pspmod.hehehe
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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