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    I found this forum google-ing. And I wanted to come here mainly becuase i'm going to mod or hack some iPod items so that they will work with the psp, anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and bye bye for now

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    Google is your friend, welcome to the forums.
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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  4. #4 How to convert videos to formats you need 
    As a user of Imtoo Video Converter, I must say that I've already tried no less than 10 (maybe even more) video converters in the past four years. I can still clearly remember that once I got several converters simultaneously in my computer and wondered which one I should use! WMV is needed? Then choose converter No.1; FLV? Take No.2. I really got tired of that! At all times I looked for software that can entirely meet my needs, however it seemed not possible, at least presently I think it's impossible. Despite all that, Imtoo Video Converter Ultimate5 helps me so much, that I want to recommend to you that. Though not free, it worth.

    First, I'd like to emphasize that it's easy to use. The interface is clear and beautiful and it can easily show you what you want and lead you directly to the key subject. Just click the "Add" button in the main interface or choose "Add" in the "File" menu.

    You can choose your outputting format from the "profile" list; the video can be previewed or taken a snapshot at the right bottom. More outputting formats (almost all) are supported in this converter like AVI, FLV, DivX, etc. Afterwards, select your output folder by clicking the "Browse..." button, then, you can click "convert" button to start your conversion.

    A very special feature of this converter is that users can edit or split videos on the basis of their own wish. Take a look at the right side of the main interface, you may find those Data can be modified manually.

    Some users may know more about the video arguments, they wish to pursuit videos of very excellent quality, but most video converters give users only a little control about the files being created, yet, ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate5 can suffice them to a certain extent.

    The reasons why I recommend you this converter are not only that it's easy to use or beautiful or something else like that, it does have some functions that pull me in!

    1.Functions of creating video from pictures;

    2. Support clipping and adding effects functions; it allows you to change the area size by crop the video, allows you to vary the brightness, the contrast even you can add effects like old film or snowflake to your video! What's more, a watermark is also supported, at any position of the video.

    3. It can automatically calculate the video bit rate; to some of the users, I must say, this is important. Bit rate has a direct relationship to quality of the video and audio, theoretically speaking, the larger the bit rate is, the better the video quality is, however, with the raise of bit rate, the file size is getting also larger, this couldn't be forgotten.

    4. One source, various profiles for outputting! Just by clicking button you can add more profiles. This function really saves me a lot of time.

    5. Run Background. You can find it in the "file" menu.

    While converting, you can still proceed with your other jobs, not necessary to worry about a crash.There's one more point that ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate supports function of clipping and merging videos. You can clip one video to several parts and output them one by one or as a whole one. Just move your mouse to the video and check it, then click the button "clip", you will see an interface like the picture below.

    Set your starting and ending time by using these two buttons, and in this way, you can choose several video sections and if you want to output them as a whole one, just tick Output segments as whole one. Otherwise they will be output separately. Click OK, you will see this.

    Now let's talk about the video merging. This is quiet easy, choose those files and click the button "merge" as the picture below, it's so easy.
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