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    BTW - Great Forum! Very PSPish

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    In this PSP Guide we show you have to connect to a Wireless Network, whether it is encrypted or not. Browsing the web on a PSP is not difficult to set up once you know how, so give it a try! This guide assumes you already have a wireless network running.

    If you already have a wireless home network set up this guide will help you get your PSP online so you can browse the web and even download movies to view on your PSP.

    The first thing to do is switch on the Wifi slider on the left of the PSP (slide it up for "on"), then sit down next to your wireless router.
    Now go into the Network Settings on your PSP and follow these steps...

    Select Infrastructure Mode

    Select [New Connection]

    Press X and use the onscreen keypad to enter the name you wish to call this connection.

    With the name enetered, press right on the d-pad to go to the next page
    WLAN Settings - click Scan

    The PSP will now scan you area for wireless connections. Because you are sitting right next to your router for this set up procedure, it will appear on the screen. If more than one network appears, select the one diisplays the name of your home network (selected when you initially set up your network). If you cannot recall the name, your's will most likely be the one with a signal strength of 100%.

    Select your network and click right again. You will be asked to confirm the name (SSID) of the network. Click right again.

    Now we are at the WLAN Security Settings page. If you know the security setup of your home network, select the relevant option and follow the instructions to enter the security information. If you are not sure, select None. If after completing this quide it fails to connect, then you probably have a secure network and will need to establish your security protocol and come back to this step of the guide.

    Address Settings, for most setups, the Easy selection will be the correct one. If you select custom you will need to enter information such as the IP address and PPPoE settings.

    Click right again to arrive at the Setting List which summerises the settings so far. If it looks okay, press right then X to save the settings.
    The next screen will allow you to test the connection. If all goes well, you will get a connected message, and can browse the web using the built in PSP web browser. If it fails to connect the network is probably protected. Refer to your systems network manual to check which security settings are in place then go back to the WLAN Security Settings page to enter the required information.

    Further Reading Infrastructure Mode Setup Infrastructure Mode Wireless Assistance
    Kai's PSP Connection Guide
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    welcome to pspmod
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    welcome to the mod
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    PS3 is Sony's baby..what do you expect...PSP is like..their bastard child
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    i thought electro, helped you?
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    he told me to suck his balls
    thanks to:
    dark alex

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