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    Just got a psp, and i want to be able to do all the cool stuff! what can I do with this psp? im new to the game please help!
    -4gb SanDisk
    -Firmware 2.80>1.50>3.52 M33-4>
    -TA-082 PCB
    - GPS Enabled with Mapthis!
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    first off what firmware version is your psp

    second to have all the cool things the psp does you need custom firmware

    just do a quick search and you will soon figure it all out
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    please post your version here bro so we can help you further.i just hope you dont have the new higher firmwares like 3.10 - 3.40 if yes then youd be stuck to that firmware....once again no downgrader available yet for those versions.if you have low versions like 1.5 - 3.03 then youre lucky...btw just be careful and not to upgrade more here about upgrading and downgrading.i suggest you go to custom firmware like 3.03oec or 3.40 oea.....good luck....use the search button for more info....
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    Welcome to the forum. If your version is 2.80 (like you sig says), you'll need to update to 3.03 and then use an unpatched version of GTA: liberty city stories (unpatched has a 2.0 update on the disk, patched has a 2.60 update on the disk) to downgrade. You can find more info on this in the sticky "The ultimate downgrader sticky". Good Luck.
    Before you post please
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