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    On here I am Xtra....comes from my gaming life starting on Dark age of Camelot where my main toons name is Xtraspecial Ridestheshortbus. (lvl 50 drood on kay hib if anyone plays) I'm older (37) and from the central valley California. been absorbing alot the last 3 days since I got on here and got my psp.

    I have since downgraded and put a theme on my psp (even edited a stock background to personalize it). I'd love to further work on it some more to get a coldboot with sound and then work on some psx eboots.

    learning alot here and the staff is very helpful...

    See ya around!
    X...psp from some firmware to 2.81>3.03>1.50>3.40oa-e (thanks to -Fubared my MB trying to do an LED trigger mod - Still works, no screen

    3.51>pandoras battery>1.50>3.40 oe-a

    See my fist guide on how to make a .PMF file here!
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad you have made as much progress with the psp as you have. Theres a ton you can do with it. Also, don't worry about age because your not the oldest member around here (even though you have 10 years on me and probably 20 years on alot of the members )
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    welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
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    hello every1 i am new i have had my psp since February and i love it a lot like watching movies on it or playing games awesome system wish i had gotten it sooner though anyways i just want to say hello and i hope to make friends on this forums thanks
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    welcome to the forums
    success comes one step at a time

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