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    ...... Usually starts with a hello.... so Hello all, I dont recognise any nicks on here but im sure youre all top-peeps?

    Ive been around a while and was referred here by another forum.... some good tuts and excellent advice....

    I am new to the psp scene, but have vast knowledge in other matters, already tackled the xbox-chipped, and flashed the nint3nd0-ds, oh and a 'few' other thing in between.... (cough cough ).... so, what im trying to say. without wanting to sound arrogant, is I aint a stranger to modding, and I will try to help all i can as i gain experience to put something back rather than just leeching.....

    Just waiting for 2 things now.... The PSP (2.81) lol - hopefully tomorrow.... and the memory crds 3x4Gb off fleabay.... I have a copy of GTA-LCS ules00151#.... then i should be good-to-go....

    One thing please, If the PSP has been downgraded once.... and then reinstated back to its original firmware - (ver 2.81)..... will it be good to downgrade again..... my planned route will be....
    ver2.81 > 3.03 > 1.50 > 3.40 oe ?
    or is there an increased chance of bricking it ???


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    Welcome to the forum. A psp can be downgraded and then upgraded and then downgraded again. There is no additional risk downgrading a psp for the second time. Sounds like you have the steps in order, so good luck with your modding adventure Let us know if you get stuck.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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    cheers drizzle my friend.....

    this is the information I have about my query...
    Warning: After downgrading from 3.03 to 1.5, there are some remnants of 3.03 left in flash. If you later try to re-upgrade to 3.03 and repeat the downgrade, things will break. At some later point, we will work on a cleaner that will remove these extra files. Until then, enjoy! (Don't worry, upgrading to 3.03 OE firmwares still works fine).

    Taken from another forum ????? and hence my concerns..... the psp I am getting for my son has been modded once and subsequently returned to vers 2.81..... phoooooooook knows why, presumably the guy Im getting it from thought it would be better that way ???

    A definative "Good-to-Go" on this would ease my mind please....

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply

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    Written by Fanjita

    After some exhaustive testing, we've now come to the conclusion that there is no unnecessary wastage of flash space during the 3.03 downgrader process.

    This means that our belief that there would be a need for a "flash cleaning" application was wrong - you should be able to upgrade and downgrade your PSP at will, with no serious problems except for the ever-present small risk from any downgrader.

    Our original theory was based upon the fact that Fanjita's Undiluted Platinum test PSP showed signs of having run out of space on the flash, after several cycles of upgrade and downgrade.

    The symptom, for reference, was an error code of "8001001C when starting ipl_update.prx" - which means "no space left on device" - when trying to run the 3.03 downgrader.

    But after an extensive test of 10 upgrade/downgrade cycles between v3.03 and v1.50 without any problems, we believe we can now put the problem down to issues with the interaction between the Undiluted Platinum flasher program, and v3.00+ firmwares, which has previously caused flash problems with other people's UP PSPs.

    So ... no worries!
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    An excellent reply lommer my friend..... Thank You

    The PSP is here, unmarked in as perfect nick as anyone could wish for, it was described as immaculate (and it is) so I am a very happy bunny.... my son is elated and I aint touched it yet.... Looks a FAR superior machine to the Nint3nd0 DS and indeed with the boasted facilities, it is.

    I will read some more to ensure I.... (.the i's) and (x the t's) and will sort this out in the next couple of days.

    Tnx to drizzle & lommer for speedy and concise replies..... I will be about for some time to come and assist wherever I can on the forum..... youre a bit too specialased on the PSP though (and Ive lots to read n learn), but Ill endevour to assist ppl wherever i can.

    /me off to give newsgroups some stick with a list as long as my arm

    Top Tip for ALL noooooobs "READ TIL YER EYE BLEED"



    Edit: Okeeeeedokeeee.... All gone swimmingly

    Big tnx to all here, esp the ppl who settled my questions.....

    /me here to stay...... top-site

    tnx again
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