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    I actually do not own a psp yet, but im looking to getting one. I plan to use it for it's internet functions, and maybe a few games.

    Im looking to mod the psp, and ive heard all sorts of differnt information about it so i thought id ask about it here. Ive noticed that people are wanting the older versions of psp over the new versions? Is it for modding reasons? if so, What version of psp am I looking to get?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Welcome to the forum. I suggest getting a psp with firmware version 2.71 or lower. You can downgrade 3.03 and lower, but 2.72-3.03 require an unpatched copy of GTA which means more searching around and you have to spend money on GTA etc. So try to get a 2.71 or lower if possible.

    Basicaly you'll get your psp and downgrade it to 1.50. Once at 1.50 you'll update to custome firmware, probably 3.40 oe-a. Custom firmware allows you to play emulators, play homebrew, play psx (or ps1 whatever you want to call them) games, play all umd games, play umd backups (ISOs), and have the web browser and all the other features of an official 3.40 sony firmware.

    To determine the firmware version from the box, check the "How to determine your motherboard" thread in the hardware section. Then jump over to the firmware section and check out the downgrader tutorial. You might also want to use the search button and find the easy formware 3.40 installer.

    Remember to use the search button, read the stickies, always read the readme files of programs you download, and ask if you are stuck. Good luck and welcome to pspmod.
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