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    Sly here from Down Under.

    I've been reading some of the information here for the past few days and figured it was time to register and say hello, "cough cough" fess up!!

    I was in Hong Kong last week and had a a burning desire to releave myself of money that was burning a hole in my pocket. So on a whim I bought a PSP.

    Now to save some respect I will say that I knew pretty much nothing of the PSP, I'd never seen one before, but being an avid PC/PS1/2 user I figured all would be fine.

    The first problem is it RC3 (Asia), which is fine for games as you all know, but movies are an issue. We frequently take to the 4x4 tracks and it would have been nice to watch a movie here and there during the times I entrust my life with the wife behind the wheel. The end result is no secret...No movies for me (other than RC3).

    So I gets the PSP out of the box, boots it up and I start playing one of the games I bought with it, (games are pretty cheap in HK btw). After a few minutes I exit the game and start navigating around....NETWORK UPDATE!!! hmmm. To digress a little here, I'm an IT engineer, so the concept of firmware updates is farmiliar to me.

    As it turns out I can't update as I don't have a net connection.

    Its all good to this point!!

    A week later I'm back at home, Wireless configured and my trustly little PSP is live....NETWORK UPDATE!!!

    Its like this options is calling to me, I can almost here it

    Being the, gotta have the latest kinda guy, I press the button!! WOW, from 3.11 to 3.50!! There must be HEAPS of new goodies here...Sad to say no visible change...So once again I'm playing games...

    Saturday morning comes around and guess what...NETWORK UPDATE!!! There it is again...It woke me up, its like I was lured out of bed and to the PSP JUST to perform another update. And to my delight there was!!!!! 3.51...Surely there must be something good here...

    Well, the end result is now known by all...That very afternoon I spoke to a mate of mine whom informed me of this site and the potential to unlock the unit, only to tell him of my updating paranoia!!

    Then to top things off I fully feel a 4gb Sandisk MS I purchased from eBay is most likely to be a fake, and to make matters even worse I now see the mecca of PSP saviors (DaX) has decided to take some R&R

    Its a sad story folks, so please don't come down too hard....My only saving grace here is I can still play my games.....I suppose there has to be a silver lining somewhere...In the meantime I check here about 50 times per day in the hopes that some gifted sole has taken the time and energy to release a 3.51 downgrader.

    Thanks for listening

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    Try to trade with a friend accidently "switch" them

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