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    Hello hello, I've made a couple posts, and figured I should go ahead an introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I got my PSP on Tuesday of last week, and it was worth every single dime. I had a DS for awhile and loved it until the PSP came out and it made the DS obsolete IMO, so I went ahead and made the switch. I have Twisted Metal and NFSU:Rivals. I also have a Logitech case with a custom made Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast skin that I made myself. See ya on the boards!

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    Welcome to the nuthouse man, glad to have you.
    Man, we've come a long way since Pong and tape drives. I was there in 80 and all I got was this videogame addiction!
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    Do ya think you can post a pic of that skin? I'm very interested to see it.
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    To Download Ape Escape Racer Demo Click Here

    A demo of the "Ape Escape Racer" game, requires firmware 2.80 and above.

    This demo is Japanese, but not hard to learn. Using X to accelerate, you race around a track three times against other CPU racers.

    To play the demo on your PSP:

    -Download this folder
    -Extract this folder and open the "Ape Escape Racer" folder
    -Drag the "UCUS98655" folder into your /PSP/GAME directory
    -Disconnect your PSP from the computer
    -Begin playing!
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    it works great.i like the gme but the ony thing that idont like is that is in japanesse.but its good
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