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    Hi everybody,
    i'm from Bulgaria and my english is not good, but i'll try to write in it.

    There is no good Bulgarian forums for PSP, so i'll try yours
    I still have no PSP, but i'm gonna buy one. So i want to ask you some questions to be sure i'll choose the right PSP for me.

    What's the difference between PSP and PSP Slim and Light? I want to buy PSP S&L but i've got to be sure i can crack it and play games for free (reason: they are too expensive for me ). So will i can crack it if the processor is one or outher and how?

    What mean Downgrade, Firmware, HomeBrew ...
    If u've got much time u can tell me anything that will be good to know.

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    uh wrong section buddy, theres a section where u can specifically introduce urself lol. well welcome to the forums.
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    Uh well guru if you want to play games for free... you are talking about homebrew right?
    Or else... this forum is anti- piracy...
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    Please post in the right section next time.
    Welcome to the forums!

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
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