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    ima a noob when it comes to psp
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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianbacon View Post

    Canadianbacon is messed up*looks down at signiture*
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM free2rap622: i know
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM Nosympathy: stuff aint cheap, but it'll give you cfw...
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM Nosympathy: means u need alotta 24K gold
    grayfox_snake: u write inglish fine
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM The_Mechanix: yeah
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM Nosympathy: and the smallest penis
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM The_Mechanix: nick nack paddy whack i still got the biggest sack
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    welcome to the forums. good luck with modding.

    btw watch out for a brick .
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    hey mate and welcome to the forum
    just don't do anything stupid and your psp wont brick(no offense).
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