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    Hey fellow members, welcome to PSPMOD forums...wait thats your line....

    Im new, im not going to lie. This is my first post. I just got a PSP and had my cuzinlaw mod it for me. I thought I might as well learn since I just ordered my wife a japanese white psp. I wanna mod it with the apple theme so it matches her Ipod and Macbook Pro.

    I have one big question, and Im sure I can use everybodys help!

    What is some mandatory threads I must read to catch up to the lack of knowledge that all you guys have, wait that I have. I dont think that sounds right, but what should I be reading here so that I can get familiar with all that the PSP has to offer.

    Thanks guys.

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    hey mate and welcome to the forum
    i would go through and read all the stickies from the boards.
    thats the main way of learning what you need to know.
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    Nice to meet you and welcome to PSPMOD.
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