Thread: Sorry been posting but has not introduce my self..

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  1. #1 Sorry been posting but has not introduce my self.. 
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    sorry for not introducing my self to yall and to this forum.

    I am not a new psp owner, ive had my psp since it came out.

    but i am new to the modification of the psp. I like the site very informative learned a lot. i just wish that the search function on this forum is a lot more helpful at times specially the STICKIES.. but other than that I love this site and would try my best to contribute and help others that need help.

    and please mod and senior member feel free to correct me when im wrong or when i cross a line that should have not been cross.

    ps: BRITTANY your HOT .. no offense MIME but your girl is HOT..

    thank you


    Peace and TACO GREASE
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    10/11/2007@9:16pm{Spookz} anyone know how to do some runescape account hacking?
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    Hi welcome to PSPMods
    How To Make Pandoras Battery (with all files and a vid)
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    hello , welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkheart13
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    Welcome mexi
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    welcome mexi-chino, make yourself at home.
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