Hey everybody!

I've been bumming around this site for a week or so looking at everything and reading up. The tutorials are great, and I'm getting more and more interested in what I can do with this lovely piece of machinery.

I bought my first psp, stripped it and ended up at 3.52M33-4 quite easily and happily. Awesome guides. Bought a second off of craigslist for $75... it's a 3.52M33-4 now too.

I've seen a couple really cool actual case mods that look awesome. The orange and black painted one, as well as the clear one with the LEDs. I'm a sucker for shiny lights, what can I say. I think I'm going to mod the case on my second PSP... I've read the guide on how to take it apart (another awesome step by step guide, thank you guys). If there is a guide to putting LEDs in, I would love a link. I haven't stumbled across it yet.

So, I'm trying to keep up and be an active useful member... this is an amazingly informative site guys. Thanks for all of the work.