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    Hey all, hope this is cool to post.... anyone bought from walmart, bricked their psp and took it back?

    my buddy told me to get it from walmart so I could do that but it seems kinda... wrong
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    that is wrong lol

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    In theory yes they would let you exchange it unless the checked the serial numbers but you can change the sticker from one to another.

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    It is kind of wrong... that kind of shtuff is what destroys a corporate return policy. It's not the worst example... but if you want to abuse a policy while it's there, that's a good way to do it, haha.
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    i thought they dont take back electronics?
    i cant even bring back games when i got the receipt with me.
    it could just be the wal mart where i live but idk
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    By games, do you mean video games? I think for most stores, you can't return them for a refund but you could return them for a replacement. Same with DVDs and music CDs. They have no way of knowing if you've already copied it or something so they don't issue refunds.

    As for hardware, they wouldn't know if it was broken when you bought it or if it became broken because you tampered with it so it's possible to return it for a full refund.
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    i did it and they took it back.. dont feel bad... its a huge company.... like your lil psp is going to hurt them... .... have you guys not seen that wal-mart stock has been doing nothing but growing lol
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