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    Hey everyone, I guess I'm the new guy on the block as I just got a psp the other day, its the new slim one; so yeah I'm the noob and I am probably going to ask some dumb questions, but such is life and if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have NesterJ V1.10, which I was told would work with the new firmware and I know how to install it to emulate nes, and I also have found a place to get both nes and snes games; what I was curious on was I imagine that I need another program to emulate for snes on the slim, and where the hell would I find that?? If anyone can help, thanks.

    Also my favorite games of all time would include the original Warlords for PC, Wing Commander on PC, Contra on NES, F-Zero on SNES, POW on SNES, Mike Tyson's Punchout on NES, Medal of Honor for PS2, the Atari Star Wars game, Knight's Quest for GB, and Guild Wars on PC.
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    have you put custom firmware on it yet?
    The answer to 72% of all questions asked here: Pandora's Battery.
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    Welcome to PSPMOD.
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    That is a good question.... Have you installed Custom Firmware on your PSP yet? Your gonna need a Pandora Battery. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then just search the forums. But you need Custom firmware to run any emulators, emulators won't work on PSP's straight out of the box. Sorry. Welcome on PSPMOD though.
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