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    Hi everyone!

    After 6 days of reading, downloading, obtaining a pre-3.51 fatty and lumines unpatched, I have just performed my first upgrade to 3.50, then used lumines to downgrade to 1.50!

    Great success! The only issue I came across was an 80020001 error trying to run the 3.50 upgrader. I took out the 1GB sony MS, and used a 1GB SanDisk stick, and things worked perfect from there. (Both are Pro Duo, and say "MagicGate" on them)

    Next tasks
    - Create a Pandora's battery + magic memstick / 3.71m33-2 (or whatever version I end up wanting for the slim psp's)
    - Decide what version (if any) I want to upgrade the 1.5 fatty to.
    - Decide what version I want to change the new silver+white slim's to.
    - Learn how to "backup" my original games, and play them from memcard.

    Thanks for those so far who have shared their information. Feedback and input on where I should go next is welcome.

    At this point, my considerations for which CFW to move to are staying at 1.5, or upgrading to 3.40oe-a, 3.52m33-4, or 3.71m33-2. I may narrow this down after I have researched what the capabilities of each are. I will be primarily using the slims for playing "backed up" games, watching converted DVD's/avi's and the like.
    <font size="1"><font color="Orange">Silver Slim:</font> [TA-???, 4GB SD Pro Duo] 3.60 > Pandora > <font color="lime">3.71m33-2</font>
    <font color="Orange">White Slim:</font> [TA-???, 4GB SD Pro Duo] 3.60 > Pandora > <font color="lime">3.71m33-2</font>
    <font color="Orange">Black Fatty:</font> [TA-081, 1GB Sony Pro Duo] 2.82 > 3.50 > Lumines > 1.50 > <font color="lime">3.52m33-4</font></font><br />
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    I highly suggest NOT staying at 1.5. However, 3.52m33-4 and 3.71m33-2 are both good cfw's to use. In my opinion, 3.71m33-2 is slightly better, though (for both phats and slims).

    for a guide on making a pandora/mms to unbrick and upgrade to 3.71m33-2
    you can find a very good one hereGUIDE: Universal Unbricker DC-3 + MS Multi IPL Loader

    as far as backing up umd's, there are many people on this forum with more expertise than me on that I wont even attempt to answer that

    anyway...welcome to the forum
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