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    So, i bought my PSP like a long time ago, and my friends in school hacked theres to play games on their memory stick. i understand how to do it. but the only thing i need help is upgrading or downgrading my firmware!!!!!! i have firmware 2.81. can u please give me a full tutorial on how to up or downgrade whichever one is better. i have already connected my PSP to my PC all i need is to know how to downgrade or upgrade my firmware from version 2.81. i have searched for a max of 15 minutes and have not found a tutorial on how to downgrade, OR upgrade from 2.81 firmware. the supplies i have i think fit all the things i need.

    i have:
    PSP with USB connection connected to PSP.
    the regular memory stick that the PSP comes with, hoping to buy a new one soon
    2.81 firmware (would like to know how to up or downgrade it)
    and idk wether my PSP is a slim or fat

    Thank you and please help me downgrade or upgrade my PSP from 2.81.
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    You have 3 options.

    A) Buy GTA:LCS (unpatched) and downgrade from 3.03
    B) Buy Lumines, and downgrade from 3.50
    C) Get your friends with modded psp's to create a pandora battery for you.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum
    btw where is the wireless lan switch located on the psp? This will discern for me whether you are phat or slim....

    anyway the easiest way to get a cfw is to simply pandora it. The upgraders really are harder to use in my opinion and you'll need a pandora for if you brick the psp I'm going to go ahead and give you this excellent guide to getting the newest cfw3.71m33-2 on your psp using the pandora battery technique.
    GUIDE: Universal Unbricker DC-3 + MS Multi IPL Loader
    if you have any questions then feel free to ask.
    ps:You do NOT need to buy a new battery to do this, in fact you dont need to buy anything, you already have all you need

    or you could use one the other two options that bacon gave if you are so inclined and we'll help you do those as well
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