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    First off wanted to take the opportunity and say hi to everyone involved with this forum great job!

    I'm new to the PSP scene however I understand the technical elements and documentation since I have been modding misc products for years. So I'm basically looking for Cole's notes vs detailed information explaining what home-brew code means, etc.

    I've taken the proper approach and have read all the rules including the newbie post. I thought I had found the guide I was looking for however the link did not include the guide

    I'm about to purchase a new PSP and I'm basically looking for a tutorial/technical guide that would outline what are the advantages of modding the PSP and what can actually be applied to the product.

    I know I could spend countless hours reading all the posts on this forum as well as other similar forums and create my own conclusion however it would be nice to have one document outlining which firmware does what, all the different home-brew code along with an explanation of what each one does,etc.?

    At the present time the newbie guide would be the starting point - however knowing where to find all the necessary content from within one document would be ideal.

    If anything like this exist I would greatly appreciate being pointed to the proper location.

    Once again Thank you to everyone,

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    There are lots of different homebrew applications, it would be impossible to outline all the things you can do with a homebrew psp. mainly though, you have emulators that let you play cross system games like NES, SEGA and other older console/heldheld systems. Just the other day i needed to read part of a book and i found a PDF app for the psp.

    Be advised though that as of yet there is some limit to what a modded slim can run because it lacks the 1.5 kernel. Even with that though, you have very little to loose by modding.
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    Modding a PSP's firmware enables modders to play programs that use the 1.50 kernal. This kernal allows us to use some of the resources of the PSP and apply them to home-written programs.

    We have many things out, SNES, NES, GB(C), and N64 (however it doesn't at all) emulators. Also we've managed to hack the (I think it was 2.0 firmware?) firmware that allows PS1 emulation. In other words, you can rip your PS1 game to your harddrive, then use the official sony emulator to run your own PS1 game, rather than you having to buy the game again from Sony.

    Other people code various games, like squarez, which are a nice reprieve from UMD games. They are usually pretty fast games, that aren't incredibly deep, but are nice for a 15-20 session.

    Also, it allows applications to run, such as a universal remote control.

    The poster above had it right, the slim PSP can't do some of the stuff that the fat PSP can. Right now, I'm selling my fat PSP (ebay: 1.50 Sony Playstation Portable with tons of extras! - (eBay item 300164252063 end time Oct-29-07 20:08:54 PDT)), so I'll be stuck with the limitations of the slim. Meh, I'm sure they'll hack it like they've done before.

    Just check around the forums and you can find some other stuff that you can do.
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