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    hello everyone, just bout two psp(slim) for my son and daughter, they want to down load games and movie..and play it on their do i go about it...
    Thanks to all
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    We don't support piracy, so don't bother asking on how to download games.

    For the slims to mod it (put custom firmware on it), you will need a pandora's battery, there are a lot of guides on how to make it (you need a modded fat psp to make) or there are other ways (buying one, making it hardmodded)..

    With custom firmware you can run BACKED UP games.
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    Bacon has it right on the head of the nail for the customizing bits.

    If you want downloaded stuff, you're going to have to check Google, because the site does not condone piracy .
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    Welcome to PSPMOD.
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