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    Hey hows it going, Im John from LA, up in Oregon for next 2 years me and my roommate bought us new psp's one phat and one slim, Id like to meet some PSP Elite Modders so i can get help and pointed in the right direction on opening the world of these psp's up.
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    well you're in luck, once you get the phat modded youll be able to do the slim

    Bad news is you need a pandora to do the phat one first, do your research on the pandora threads

    Start on modding the phat psp first

    You have a few options
    1. Find a psp with custom firmware on it, (ie 3.40 oea, 3.52 m33, 3.71 m33) and make a pandora battery with that
    2. Go online and buy one
    3. Go and buy another battery, and turn your original into a pandora battery by opening it, and removing a pin (charge the battery before you do this)
    4. Find somebody to downgrade it for you

    Do your research on pandora battery and learn about custom firmware. Once you know what you need to do to mod, then you can decide what to do from there. Hope this points you in the right direction
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    welcome to the site!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkheart13
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