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    Hi all!

    Had been thinking for a while about getting a PSP and after a discussion with a friend at work, I got given one that hadn't seen use in many years.
    It's an early jap model that was running v1.0 and the only reason I didn't update with official firmware was that it didn't like the WLAN I have at home so it wouldn't connect.
    I am a complete noob and have never used any custom firmware for anything, so it didn't even occur to me at this point.
    I did buy Tekken DR and upgrade to 2.71. Lo and behold, the WLAN connected and I could upgrade to 3.71.... but while browsing a popular un-nameable website, the thought DID occur to me to look at some Mods...

    The first think I found out, from this very site, was that I should have just left the damn think alone and upgrading from v1.0 would have saved me a whole lota trouble.

    After a couple of hours searching though I did mang
    So a big thank you to everyone whole helps out on this site. I have my first piece of hacked hardware ever due to all the info you've put up here. And I get to rub it in my friend at works face when showing him how much better the PSP is now it's updated properly. Cheers guys!
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    v 1.0 psps are worth some good money seeing as they were the 1st ones created.but welcome to the community
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