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    i purchased my first psp on monday. its still not here yet but should be in next day or two. i stumbled onto this site a couple weeks ago and have been browsing around some just to get a feeling of what im jumping into.

    never had an interest in a psp until a friend wanted me to check into what all he could do with a psp. im the "console king" in my area so everyone seems to think i know everything about video games. oh how i wish i did. anyway i was impressed with how good the games looked and how it felt, so i had to get me one.

    anyway, im sure i will have a million questions or so, but for now ill disappear for a few days while i try to read all the tutorials and stickies. im still a little confused but once i figure out how this confounded thing works ill be ok.

    anyway, hello all and i hope i dont become a burdon to anyone here.
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    Welcome dont think of yourself as a burden. Were all here to learn at first

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