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    my name is ajracing im still learning things about the psp ive upgraded to 3.52 M33-4 and got a cool theme for it but i want to change my Click sounds ive already downloaded a gran turismo one that came with system_plugin.rco file im wonder if any of you people could help me out on installing the new file into my psp thanks
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    how do u get 3.52M33????
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    simple, all u have to do is search google for the software custom firmware 3.52M33 and download it, put the file in your game folder and activate it,be warned, all upgrades etc can brick your psp but u can get out of that. your psp then will be 3.52M33. but if u want the updated version that allows you to more, then AFTER u install 3.52M33. update it to version 4
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    Nice to meet you.
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