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    Hey guys first post- big fan of emulation,

    Well i purchased my first psp lite, with the Daxter bundle, since then i purchased 4 other games, and played them everyday.

    But now, its time for some emulation, i have been reading about modding it for about 2 weeks and was suprised how helpful this board is.

    With that said - under system information im running system software 3.60 and have not updated it since the purchase.
    So ill be lurking in the guides for the next couple of days, let me know if there are any particular guides i should focus on first, thanks
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    You are going to need Pandora's Battery. Look around the forums for a method. It should be easy to find since there are like a million threads about it.
    If you search you'll never have to ask questions again! GOOGLE

    ..*SHouldve picked up the Phone..Couldve been sony :S*.
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