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    Hey guys, i've had my psp for years but I upgrade every time sony puts a new one out. just recently i've got my hands on some downloaded games. do i have to be on version 1.50 to play any downloaded game or what?

    also i have no idea what a pandora battery/mem stick is.
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    Welcome to PSPMod.

    No, you don't need to be on 1.5 perse, as you can be on custom firmware to execute unsigned code, but it's all revolving around the 1.5 firmware release.
    Check the guides section to learn more about custom firmware and Pandora's Battery.

    Good luck, man.
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    are they homebrew games or sony demos?
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    i'm not really sure what makes something a homebrew game but its not a demo. the game is in a folder labeled PSP_GAME, and inside that is a few sub-folders and png images.
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