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    Just wanted to drop a line and say greetings. Been modding consoles since the original Playstation. Recently picked up Rainbow Six Vegas (I love this game for the XBOX 360) for the PSP (for $10 new at GameStop last week on Black Friday) and have yet to buy a PSP.

    This is why I came here and and started reading threads. Just want to make sure that when I buy my PSP, it's going to be the right "version".

    I'll keep reading and dig for the info I need. If I ask a dumb question (don't we all at sometime?), bear with me.
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    Well I'd like to be the first to say welcome to PSPMOD.
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    and im second to say welcome to pspmod
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    Hey thar! Im steve, welcome!

    Get whatever psp you want, they can all be modded so pick your favorite. fats are cheaper, but slims have better battery life and stuff. Really just depends on what hardware features you want, all the software can be modded.
    Very funny....not.
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    Welcome to the Forums. i didnt even know you can mod ps1's, what can they do when modded?
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    Welcome to the site.
    3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!>3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!

    8 Billion dollars wasted. Increased federal spending led to increased use.Time to stop?
    Very Funny STUFF FOR SALE!
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    hi and welcome!
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    FNG says "Hi!" , as in Jay FNG??
    Upgraded My first PSP all the way to 3.51!!! Hell yea, then got online the next night and found out you can mod them, so I yelled as loud as I could with my inside voice WTF?!?!?!?! I sold it to some dork and bought a used one for 80 bucks... So 2 crappy nights and 80 bucks later!!!!!

    2.71>2.8>3.51 M33> 3.52 M33!!! Best 80 bucks I have ever spent!!!
    (> <)
    This is Bunny.
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