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    Hey, wuts good my names Cody Robinson. Im getting a psp for christmas and my friend told me to check out your site. Im not that good at working with technology but im gonna try to learn. I love video games though, just not at the real hard stuff like you guys are doing. I am wanting to mod my psp that Im getting for christmas. But what all can you do to a psp. And is there someone that can help me out. Cuz I dont want to brick my psp. Im not tryin to get one here and sound all stupid and stuff. I just want to my mod my psp and I need someone to help me with it.
    So if you can help me please let me know
    Thanks and God Bless
    Cody Robinson
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    PSP---> 3.30-->3.50-->1.50-->3.52-m33---> 3.52 m33-4...oh yea...----> 3.71 m33-3..greatness, i hope.. UPDATE:: Upgraded to 3.90-m33 --> 5.00 m33-6!!

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    welcome to pspmod
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    Welcome! Enjoy all the reading material! Ask if you don't know! We are all WILLING to help!
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    3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!>3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!

    8 Billion dollars wasted. Increased federal spending led to increased use.Time to stop?
    Very Funny STUFF FOR SALE!
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