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    I've been with you guys for the last few days and i must say gongrats to any one who has ever modded a psp. go head and pat yourself on the back. I dont see how you guys do it honestly. DAY and NIGHT i've been reading i dont know how many treads and posts. yet i havnt seen any results. sure help would be nice, but i see no point is asking any more. senior members all have an IQ of 2,000 and dont help noobz and every one else who is willing and kind enough to help doesnt know too much about slim psp FW 3.73. I am soo close shooting my psp. im about ready to quit because i think this site was desined to screw with my head. i should hav known Playing final fantasy 7,8 or mortal kombat is too go to be true....
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    hey mate and welcome to there's no S just pspmod
    well because of all the different firmware and the psp fat and slim
    it makes it hard for newbies to figure everything out.
    any way for you to be able to downgrade and take control of the homebrew capabilities of your slim you will need to make Pandora's battery using the method where you have to open up the battery. just have a browse through the guides section and you should be right.
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